Whether you’re a veteran restaurateur or still in the brainstorming stages, you already know the industry can be tough. That’s where we come in.

Pilot Light’s focus is to provide successful openings, which it achieves through financial understanding, hiring strategies, menu development, product sourcing, and implementation of internal systems. In what can be a difficult industry to navigate, the expert restaurant consultation provided by Pilot Light weaves these factors together to allow the chef, kitchen, front of house and thus the entire restaurant to run smoothly.


The best restaurants share three common characteristics – a menu people crave, a great location, and a brilliant concept. But to be successful, you also need your finger on the pulse of operational minutia. Our custom consultation services give you the essential foundation and strategies to thrive in the restaurant industry.


Taking your restaurant vision from the abstract to the brick-and-mortar by creating the space, developing back-end operating systems and giving the management platform the structure it needs to feel seamless.


We extensively train both the front and back of house teams to ensure by the time opening day arrives, food systems run smoothly and our team is passionate about the story behind every last menu item.


Work side by side with your team giving them the support and answers they need as they get settled into their new restaurant while simultaneously solving the unforeseen challenges that inevitably arrive allowing owners and managers to pay attention to the most important part of their business now that the doors are open- their guests.