Pilot Light Consulting provides the foundation and direction you need to build a vibrant, profitable restaurant.

Pilot Light was born of a dream, in the trenches of hard work, and lifted to greatness by dynamic culinary talent. Founder Shannon Waters offers a history of excellence, working with acclaimed restaurants around the world. Partnering with Pilot Light grants you access to the best restaurant consultation service in the business.

The best restaurants share three common characteristics – a rockstar chef, a great location, and a brilliant concept. But to be successful, you also need your finger on the pulse of operational minutia. Our custom consultation services give you the essential foundation and strategies to thrive in the restaurant industry.



Taking your restaurant vision from the abstract to the brick-and-mortar

  • Achieve profitability with a sustainable restaurant budget

  • Build a dynamic, beautifully-functioning kitchen space

  • Conceptualize and design a menu your patrons will love

  • Develop training programs to help your kitchen staff succeed

  • Recommend and implement financial, accounting, and managerial systems

  • Create a magnetic brand


Real-world strategies for opening a new restaurant

  • Source high-quality food and kitchen products within your budget

  • Hire and train a dynamite kitchen staff

  • Identify and implement administrative systems – product delivery, intake, linens, inventory control, recipe cataloguing, etc. – for seamless restaurant management


Bringing your existing restaurant to new levels of success

  • Hold highly relevant, in-depth training for front-of-house employees, ensuring thorough menu knowledge and customer satisfaction

  • Train kitchen staff on internal systems and best practices, allowing your kitchen and business to run smoothly

  • Ensure all restaurant staff possess the knowledge, tools, and skills to succeed